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General Questions 

  1. What are the operating hours of Academy of Abiding Wellness? Student Services can be reached at 814-932-5716 from Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm ET. The office remains closed on Saturday, Sunday, and major U.S. holidays. Enrollment Services have extended hours and can also be reached at 814-932-5716.

    If you reach our answering system, kindly leave a detailed message. We check messages daily and will return calls promptly.

  2. Why should one choose Academy of Abiding Wellness (AOAW)? AOAW stands as the foremost resource for holistic health education. Our diverse program offerings furnish comprehensive knowledge and skills, transforming your enthusiasm for healthy living into a rewarding career and furthering your education and specilaizations.

    We provide flexible online classes, interaction and guidance from experienced instructors, networking opportunities with peers and alumni, and eliminate the need for travel.

  3. What is the significance of studying natural health? Many embark on this educational journey seeking solutions for personal or familial health concerns. Some aspire to aid clients professionally. A natural health education equips you with valuable insights to enhance well-being. We prioritize holistic care, emphasizing the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Attaining a professional designation from AOAW signifies formal training in natural health concepts and techniques, highly beneficial when working with clients. Our graduates commonly apply their education in various settings such as private practices, group clinics, retail, online businesses, public education, or writing. We also offer assistance in job placement.

  4. What is a professional designation? What titles can I use? A professional designation represents a title earned upon completing a certification program in a specific field, validating one's training and professional qualifications.

    You may use credentials earned from Trinity or seek Board Certification from an external agency, expanding your options for titles. Always choose a title aligning with your practice philosophy and adhere to state or local laws. For state law information, visit

    We emphasize non-medical education. Our graduates do not diagnose, treat, cure disease, prescribe medication, or perform surgery.

  5. How does AOAW compare to other schools? AOAW's extensive program offerings deliver the most relevant information across various natural health specialties. Our courses, taught by seasoned practitioners, utilize an online platform (Thinkific) that fosters a flexible yet structured approach, enhancing student success. Access coursework at your convenience.

    From initial inquiry through graduation and beyond, our Enrollment Specialists, Student Services, and instructors provide continuous support. With a top-tier curriculum, affordable tuition, flexible payment plans, and a responsive team, we aim to offer a high-value learning experience.

  6. Do you provide samples of coursework? Our courses include recorded lectures, videos, readings, discussions, activities, quizzes, and a final exam.

  7. Do you offer classroom-based courses? All our programs are conducted through Thinkific, our online classroom. Practical components and instructor feedback enrich the online learning experience.

  8. How long does it take to complete a program? Completion duration varies based on program length. Contact an Academy Specialist to ascertain the estimated program completion time. Each week involves engaging assignments complementing lecture topics.

    CNHP and CHHP programs culminate with case studies and an online practicum, to be completed within a year of finishing the program curriculum.

  9. Are AOAW courses transferable to other institutions? Transcripts are available for graduates, which can be forwarded to other educational institutions for review. Acceptance of outside training is subject to individual school policies.

  10. What are the tuition fees, and what does it cover? Do you offer payment plans? Thinkific access for weekly modules is inclusive for all programs. Additional goods or services may be included in some programs, and certain ones might require books or supplies that can be purchased separately.

    To qualify for the online practicum in CNHP and CHHP programs, passing case studies and payment of 75% of tuition are necessary. Full payment of tuition is mandatory for graduation in all programs.

    We offer interest-free installment plans.

Enrollment Questions

  1. What are the enrollment requirements? For CNHP, CHHP, and CTN programs, individuals must be 17 years or older or provide proof of high school completion via diploma or GED.

    CCHS, CLS, and MBIS programs require a DesBio Practitioner account. Licensed healthcare providers or graduates from natural health programs are also eligible for certain programs.

    The CZS program is currently compatible only with Windows-based software for the ZYTO hand cradle.

    Program prerequisites:

    • HC: none

    • CNHP: none

    • CHHP: CNHP

    • CTN: CHHP

    • Specialized Programs: none

  2. When and how can I enroll? Courses commence every few weeks, allowing enrollment at any time. Refer to individual program pages or contact an Enrollment Specialist at 814-932-5716 for upcoming program start dates.

    During registration, a payment method needs to be submitted. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards.

  3. Can I transfer to AOAW? What are the CHHP and CTN placement exams? We assess your transcripts to determine your starting point at AOAW.

    Those with healthcare-based training can take the CHHP placement exam to potentially bypass the CNHP program. Strong knowledge of A&P, nutrition, and natural health principles is required. A single attempt is allowed, and failure may necessitate entry into an entry-level program.

    Graduates of high-level natural health programs, like CHHP or ND, may take the CTN placement exam to potentially skip CNHP and CHHP programs. Proficiency in A&P, nutrition, natural health principles, practices, and all naturopathic modalities is essential. A single attempt is permitted, with the option to take the CHHP placement exam upon failure.

  4. What follows after submitting enrollment? Upon enrollment, a confirmation page verifies registration and payment. Subsequently, an email containing crucial information, such as program dates, book purchase links (if required), and new student orientation details, will be sent after processing your enrollment.

    Ten days before the program begins, access to Thinkific provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the online classroom.

    New courses are accessible in Thinkific on the Friday preceding the term start, allowing a preview of the syllabus and course requirements before official commencement.

    Short breaks around Independence Day and Christmas temporarily suspend Thinkific courses.

  5. How is the material presented, and when is it released? Each 4-week course is delivered through Canvas, the online classroom facilitating interaction with peers and instructors. Weekly discussions, activities, quizzes, and a final exam structure the course.

    Courses open every four weeks, granting access on launch day upon meeting prerequisites and payment. Failing a non-prerequisite course may cause delays as you await the next offering.

  6. Can I pursue additional programs simultaneously? Yes, provided you meet prerequisite and payment criteria. Contact an Enrollment

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