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What We Offer 


Natural Christian Practitioner:

The Natural Christian Practitioner is rooted in biblical principles of wellness, lifestyle modification, natural health modalities, herbal medicine and functional medicine principles. This is a great stand alone designation to give you the tools to help people with effective lifestyle change, overcome health issues and give you the success tools for a career in helping people attain optimal health. A high school diploma is required for consideration for this program.


Functional Christian Doctor

Functional Christian Doctor is an advanced designation. This designation which builds upon principles taught in the Natural Christian Practitioner Designation or equivalent natural health designation, diploma or certification. Advanced principles in functional medicine will be taught including biochemistry, molecular biology, physiology, cellular biology and more. This is for practitioners wanting to understand the true science behind true functional wellness and remove the mysticism surrounding nutraceuticals, modalities and plant based medicine rooted in biblical principles of wellness. *Natural Christian Practitioner or equivalent designation/degree is required as prerequisite 





Detox Specialist

Functional Homeopathy is learning the principles of likes cure likes in conjunction with the correct support to optimize the body's ability to have enough resources and opening pathways of detoxification. A great additional certification for any healthcare professional or a stand alone certificate.


Lyme Specialist

Lyme Specialist will focus on chronic symptoms associated with active and expressive infectious components of tick bites or other transfection pathways which is becoming a pandemic in our time. Many people suffer from the vector infections and expressions known as "Lyme Disease" and have fallen into a state of chronic illness. In this specialization the practitioner will learn the mechanisms of infection, expression and genomic pathways to shut down the expression, rebuild the systems and functions affected and help people overcome this issue.


EBV: Epstein Barr Specialist

EBV Specialist is a great add on certificate for any healthcare professional wanting to understand the chronic underlying effects of Epstein Barr Virus. Many people had mono and recover from it; yet many have a reactivation  of the virus and can suffer years from mystery symptoms missed by the medical community. This specialization will equip you with the protocols, testing and analysis plus lifestyle changes to help people overcome this issue.


Vaccine Injury Specialist:

The Vaccine Injury Specialist is a great add on or stand alone specialty certification that can be applied from birth to adulthood. In this specialty you will understand the history of vaccines, effects, injury, recovery plus protocol recommendations by age and injury. We have also included a legalities and rights section along with injury reporting. This is an empowering curriculum and vital for advocating for your patient/client rights and health choices.


Beyond Bloodwork Specialist: 

Beyond the Bloodwork Specialist will change the way you understand bloodwork, patterns between testing and get great results for your clients and patients. Normal values as noted in blood work are not functional values allowing the body to be at the right levels in order to heal. Learn this incredible tool to enhance your analysis of baseline bloodwork along with specialized testing.


Metabolic Specialist: 

Enhance any practice or scope by learning the art of unraveling the metabolic mystery associated with weight gain and weight loss. This 10 week course will enhance your skills in assessing foundational lifestyle principles, functional bloodwork analysis, specialized bloodwork and urinalysis, liver cleansing, identifying and filling deficiencies, addressing and silencing underlying viruses, removing toxicity, and creating a system of success to Maintain healthy habits and make it livable – this includes supplements, peptide, therapies that complement the system and the science behind the process. 


Home Health Certification 

The Home Health Certification is for any parent, guardian or family member wanting to know how to use God given herbs, spices, supplements, salves, tinctures and other methods of enhancing the body's optimal wellness at home. This is a complete guide to learn what to keep on hand, what to grow or what to make and how to use what you have on hand to take care of your family.


Advanced Home Health Certification: 

The Advanced Home Health Certificate builds upon the principles of the Home Health Certification. These advanced classes will teach you techniques for crisis level situations or acute trauma at home. 911 for your home! The Home Health Certification is required or equivalent course as a prerequisite for consideration for this certification.


Functional Homeopathic Practitioner 

Functional Homeopathy is learning the principles of likes cure likes in conjunction with the correct support to optimize the body's ability to have enough resources and opening pathways of detoxification. A great additional certification for any healthcare professional or a stand alone certificate.

Church Health Ministry

This is an incredible training curriculum for a health team in your church. Learn how to empower your church community to better lifestyle choices, better family health choices, home health education to take care of their families and for the church community, what it means to be Strong in the Lord. This Health Ministry will train members of your congregation to teach, in small groups, the value of health when it comes to walking out God's calling on your life and ways they can become healthier as an individual and as part of the body of Christ.

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