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Academy of Abiding Wellness

What We Offer

At the Academy of Abiding Wellness, we stand at the intersection of education, faith, and wellness, embracing the synergy of these powerful forces to empower individuals on their path to lasting health and vitality. Through education, we provide the knowledge and tools necessary to embark on a transformative journey toward well-being. Our faith in the human capacity for growth and resilience drives us to support each individual's unique voyage to health. With wellness as our ultimate goal, we unite these elements to create a holistic approach that fosters lasting, abiding wellness for all who seek it.

"Academy of Abiding Wellness: Nurturing Faith through Holistic Education

Welcome to the future of true health and freedom as GOD intended!

At the Academy of Abiding Wellness we focus on God's design for your body. That you were made very good and when given all that God has provided here, we can and will be healthy. We offer a variety of Functional health and wellness courses, designations, specializations, certifications, home health, ministry health and more...where education, faith and wellness meet.


- Tuition Paid In Full-
-All Curriculum Recieved ~ Work At Your Own Pace-

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- Pay Per Quarter -

- Alla Cart Classes-

- Payment Plans Available-
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